Casual Attire for Strolling

by Menestho

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Menesthò is the new luxury brand that aims to recreate ethical fashion into vibrant, colorful and distinct. We carefully chose our organic fabrics to meet the highest standards of quality and practicality. Bamboo, hemp and cruelty-free silk are the essence of our garments that are easy to care, comfortable to wear and their production meets all sustainable criteria. Listen them whispering their unique characteristics and feel how special they are just with a gentle touch. Menesthò frees the uniqueness of sustainable fashion with unparalleled designs and our nymphs bring materials and designs into a single body in a mythical way with exceptional sewing. Shaken up your aesthetics! Those who do not compromise when it comes to truly high quality. Those who not only choose to lessen the impact of fashion on the environment but choose to wear that idea. Those who believe that creativeness must have no boundaries. Those are who will take the next step forward in fashion. Those are the people who inspire us, our nymphs. Would you love to be one of those who are prepared to leave the old, common and static world of fashion, and step into a whole new space where myths complements reality? Are you ready to meet the nature of a nymph, our nymph, who will take you to another world that if for extraordinary people? Are you ready to step into the magical world of Menesthò?