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My name is Kenton Kephart, but my friends call me Keoni. I have been a volunteer for several organizations since before I could drive. I've volunteered as a zookeeper, firefighter, deaf educator & disaster relief worker. But, I have to say my most favorite unpaid position has been as a husband and a father. In my humble opinion, volunteers are the best kind of people. Why? They do things, not for the money, but because they believe they can make a difference and they love what they do.

I've set up this website because I want my son to learn about Malama 'Aina - a Hawaiian word that means so much more than "Stewardship." I want my son to enjoy the oceans and the land as much as I do. And, I believe with a good community, WE can make a difference. We are trying to "be the change" we want to see in this world.

Trahpek Islander

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